It's been a while :)

In the summer of 2013 I began an ambitious album — six songs, each unique in its tempo, ethnic flair, vocalist, style, and energy, yet all unified by the common musicality of bittersweet joy.

I want to share one of those unfinished rough cuts with you — Optimism — enjoy. (Listen to "Optimism" here)

Where have I been?

If you apply the creative problem-solving process inwardly, you can produce beautiful music and art. Yet I’ve realised that, if you apply that same process outwardly, towards the world, you can produce much more — products and solutions, businesses and systems, beautiful improvements to how we live and thrive.

That process has a name...


And I want to be a designer.

At Stanford and in work, I’ve realised that what I really love is not music, but designing experiences — experiences that solve problems and give joy. Music is one form of that — but I want to explore it all.

The sheer amount of positivity you all have given me through my music over the past 5 years blows my mind. I might share the other rough cuts from the unfinished album. (Listen to and download all my music here)

Thank you for giving me the confidence to take the next big step in life. Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss experience design or anything else. (Email me here)

With love,